Abstract-3 (April 2021) Dolagobinda Sahoo and Sudarshan Mishra


International Refereed/ Peer Reviewed Journal of Education

Vol. 7 (2) April 2021, pp. 20-29, E-ISSN: 2395-7344, P-ISSN: 2320-9526


Title: Perception of students about Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act-2009 in Tribal Areas of Odisha

Dolagobinda Sahoo, Teacher, Govt. UGHS, Kulurukumpa, Daspalla, Odisha, India, E-mail: dolagovinda54@gmail.com

Sudarshan Mishra, Head, Department of Education, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha, India. E-mail: sudarshanmishra@yahoo.com

Article DOI: 10.46704/pol.2021.v07i02.003


This study is conducted to know the students perception towards effective implementation of Right to Education Act in Tribal Areas of Odisha. In this study, the investigator used a survey method by which Kandhamala District in Odisha was taken as a population. Out of 12 blocks in Kandhamal District, 04 blocks were selected randomly. From each blocks 10 elementary schools were selected. From each school 6 to 8 students from class VI, VII and VIII were selected purposively for Focus Group Discussion (FGDs). With the help of this tool, information regarding free and compulsory education, provisions of RCFCE Act, methods, teachers’ activities, physical punishment, pass-fail system and SMC meeting held in the school were discussed and their views were collected. The result of the study revealed that almost all schools provide school uniform, textbook and uniforms in free of cost. Majority of students express that separate toilet for boys and girls are available in all most all schools but not in usable condition. All the respondents viewed that mother tongue should be the medium of instruction in classroom. Special training was not given to the students those who are admitted under the age appropriate category.

Keywords: Perception, Tribal Areas, RCFCE Act, 2009.