Abstract-5 (Oct 2020) Pravat Kumar Sahoo & Sesadeba Pany

Pedagogy of Learning, Vol. 6 (4) October 2020, pp. 34-41


Exploring Methods for Reflective Thinking: Synthesis of Reviews

Pravat Kumar  Sahoo, Research Scholar, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India. Email: 1992pravat@gmail.com

Sesadeba Pany, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India. Email: drpany_s@yahoo.com

DOI: 10.46704/pol.2020.v06i04.005

Corresponding Author: Pravat Kumar Sahoo


            Reflective thinking is the capacity in which the students get the chance to consciously analysis their previous activities for improving future performance and enables the students to understand about themselves which proceeds towards self-realization & self-empowerment. Reflective thinking leads to develop other higher order of thinking/ability such as critical thinking, problem-solving ability and decision-making capacity. In view of the critical role played by reflective thinking, it is crucial for every teacher to create a meaningful learning environment which is conducive for promoting reflective thinking Methods of teaching are important for facilitating desirable learning environment. Hence, the objective of this paper is to explore the methods for developing reflective thinking among students. For achieving the above objective, the investigator collected 13 research papers focusing on methods for reflective thinking.  Out of thirteen, four methods were found which are suitable for developing reflective thinking among school students and nine methods/programmes were found for students at higher education stage. All the methods/ activities have significant effect on students’ reflective thinking in various stages of education.

Keywords: Reflective thinking, method of teaching, synthesis, self-realization, self-empowerment.