This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions about POL.

1.What is POL?
Answer: POL is the short form of Pedagogy of Learning.
2.What is the periodicity of the POL?
Answer: Periodicity of POL is quarterly (four times in a year)
3.What are the prerequisites for accessing the POL website?
Answer: You can access this URL (http:// www.pedagogyoflearning.com) through Firefox or Google Chrome or Internet Explorer from any computer that has internet connectivity.
4.What are the prerequisites to read the downloaded Article?
Answer: Latest version of Acrobat Reader is needed to read the downloaded PDF article.
5.How much I have to pay to view the article?
Answer: POL does not charge any fee to view the published article. It is free for access worldwide.
6.How to get published my article in POL?
Answer: You may submit the softcopy of your paper/ article through e-mail or online. The article will be sent to two reviewers for blind review, if recommended by reviewers, the article will be published.
7.Does POL possess ISSN number?
Answer:Yes POL possess. ISSN: 2320-9526 (Print) and ISSN: 2395-7344 (Online)
8.How can I get Authors Guidelines for writing the article?
Answer:On POL’s website, click on Authors Portal click the link go to Guidelines.
9.Can I submit articles online?
Answer: Yes, definitely you can send your article through online submission.
10.Does online published article available in Print format?
Answer:Answer: Yes, POL is both Online Journal and Print Journal.
11. Is the POL indexed?
Answer:Answer: Yes, POL is an indexed journal.