Peer Reviewed Journal

The articles received for publication in POL are sent to two reviewers for blind review. It is to be mentioned here that after the articles are received will undergo a preliminary scrutiny with emphasis on the suitability for its publication. If the article successfully passes through the preliminary scrutiny then it will be sent for blind review by two reviewers. The articles may be considered for final edition on the basis of reviewers’ reports. The reviewers may recommend for publication on the basis of its relevance or may suggest for modification or may reject. Accordingly, the author(s) will be intimated about the status of publication or modification or rejection. The entire process may take two months depending upon busy schedule of the reviewers. The authors are assured for quality publication. The author(s) will be held responsible for any legal dispute for any plagiarized portion, if detected. Hence, the authors are requested to send declaration about the genuineness of their manuscript.