Review Process


  1. Duties of Editors and Reviewers in Review Process

POL follows double-blind peer-review for publication of articles. The numerical or letter codes are assigned to each manuscript received from the authors for publication. The identity and identifying information of the authors are kept confidential before sending the articles to reviewers. Reviewers’ comments/recommendations on the articles are confidential and will be made anonymous before communicating to the authors. However, the names of the reviewers are kept strictly confidential and their identities are known only to the Core Editors (Chairperson Editorial Board/ Chief Editor/ Managing Editor)

  1. Promptness in Review Process

If any referee/reviewer feels unqualified to review the assigned manuscript or unable to provide a prompt review, should notify the Chief Editor immediately so as to enable the Chief Editor to send it to other reviewers.

  1. Maintaining Confidentiality

It is mandatory that manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents. They must not be disclosed to anyone or discussed with anyone without permission of the Chief Editor.

  1. Reviewing Standards with Objectivity

The reviewers should review the articles objectively as per the format prescribed by the Chief Editor. Comments/Recommendations should not contain any personal criticism to the author. The reviewers should present their views clearly with supporting arguments, if any.

  1. Acknowledgement of Sources in the Articles

The reviewers should identify relevant citations and acknowledgements by the authors. All references must match with proper citations. The reviewers should bring to the notice of the Chief Editor for any substantial similarity with any other work if the reviewers have personal knowledge on that section.