Review Process

Every research paper, conceptual article or project report submitted to POL will follow double blind review process as per the following steps:

  • All the articles will undergo through three stages of blind review process.
  • Each manuscript will be initially evaluated and scrutinized by the Editorial Board.
  • Each manuscript will be sent to two referees or reviewers for blind review, each of whom may recommend for publication of the paper/article in its present form or recommend for modification / they may suggest for rejection.
  • The authors on the basis of review report, if needed, will be given opportunity to modify their papers/articles within 15 days.
  • Papers/Articles failed at the preliminary review process will not be sent for final review and will simply be rejected.
  • The decision of referees will be final for the publication of the paper/article.
  • In case of research articles the authors may be asked to provide supporting documents including tools and data.
  • The authors will be intimated accordingly about final status of their manuscripts.