Abstract 6 (October 2021) Ankita and Ramakanta Mohalik

Pedagogy of Learning, Vol. 7 (4) October, 2021, pp. 47-55

An Analysis of Perception and Prevalence of Key Teaching Values Among Pre-Service Teachers

Ankita,M.Ed. Scholar, Department of Education, Regional Institute of Education, (NCERT), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Email: moiankita@yahoo.com

Ramakanta Mohalik,Professor, Department of Education, Regional Institute of Education, (NCERT), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. E-mail: mohalikrk@gmail.com

Article DOI: 10.46704/pol.2021.v07i04.006


The creation of a sustainable living environment is a key priority for the entire human society. It is our values that distinguish humans from other creatures. Teachers are role models in society who inspire others via their noble and unselfish commitment to humanity. They are the ones that create ethical citizens of society; they must have certain values to instil in the students. The current study looked at both pre-service teachers’ and academics’ perspectives on the most significant teaching values. The study also looks at the values that preservice teachers hold. The researcher analysed many policy documents about values in teacher education before selecting and considering the most significant values for data collection and analysis. The data was collected through two self-developed tools namely Value Assessment Matrix and Value Assessment Inventory. The data was collected from 17 academics and 135 preservice teachers from various teacher education institutes in eastern India who were chosen by voluntary response sampling. The result of the study suggested that Responsibility, Honesty, Virtue, Discipline, and Equality are the most important teaching values for a teacher. The study also revealed that most preservice teachers have a modest level of those values and results can be concluded that most pre-service teachers favour qualities such as responsibility, discipline, and honesty over virtue and equality.

Keywords: Values, Values in Teacher Education, Preservice Teachers.