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Invitation for Papers and Articles
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Guidelines to Authors

The authors interested to publish their articles are required to go through the following guidelines:

  • Title of paper/heading etc. should NOT be in UPPERCASE.
  • Affiliation of author(s), e-mail id and mobile/phone number is mandatory.
  • Manuscripts should be typed in English language and should be submitted along with an abstract (150 to 200 words) with up-to five keywords.
  • The length of a paper including tables, diagrams, illustrations etc. should be between 3000 to 4500 words.
  • The paper must be within 12 Pages, in font size 12 of Times New Roman with 1.5 line space.
  • There should not be endnotes and footnotes.
  • References should be arranged alphabetically and should be given at the end of the article according to the style published in APA Manual, 6th Edition.
  • References of must match the citations made in the paper/article. The sources which are not cited in the text of article must not be written under reference.
  • The paper must possess about author(s) within 70 words at the end of reference section.
  • Each paper/article should be accompanied by a declaration that the material is original, has not been published elsewhere in part or full and the same has not been submitted for publication in any other book or journal or elsewhere.

POL’s Standard Format

Authors interested to publish research papers/article are required to follow the standard format without which their paper/articles may not be considered for review process. DOWNLOAD Standard Format for research paper

Download POL’s Standard Format

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