January 2015: Volume 1, Issue 1

Author(s)TitlePage no.Download Link
01.Swarup PradhanSocio-Economic and Educational Perspectives of Short-Term Migration in Tribal Areas: A Case Study of Selected Tribal Households of Koraput District, Odisha (January,2015, Vol-1, Issue-1)01-08 DOWNLOAD
02.Annapurna PrustyEffectiveness of Inductive Thinking Model of Teaching on History Learning (January,2015, Vol-1, Issue-1)09-16 DOWNLOAD
03.Kamaljeet SinghNeoliberal Globalization, Environmental Crisis and the Role of Education for Sustainable Development: A Critique (January,2015, Vol-1, Issue-1)17-24 DOWNLOAD
04.Nitai Charan Ojha, Ratnamala Arya & Ritu ShekharConstructive Approach and Traditional Approach of Teaching English to Class VI in terms of Achievement: a comparative Study. (January,2015, Vol-1, Issue-1)25-37 DOWNLOAD
05.Flourette G Dkhar and Tasongwi NewmeiCreating a Meaningful Learning Process: A Constructivist Framework and Strategies for the Teachers. (January,2015, Vol-1, Issue-1)38-45 DOWNLOAD
06.Manjinder SinghImpact of Parental Encouragement on the Adjustment of Secondary School Students. (January,2015, Vol-1, Issue-1)46-52 DOWNLOAD
07.Rakshinder KaurWomen Participation in Higher Education in India: Locating the Multiple Layers of Disparity. (January,2015, Vol-1, Issue-1)53-62 DOWNLOAD