October 2016: Vol-2, Issue-4

Sl.No.Name of Author(s)Title of PaperPage No.DOWNLOAD LINK
01.Sashapra ChakrawartyEffect of electronic game contents on study habit of elementary school students01-09 DOWNLOAD
02.Sandeep & Sesadeba PanyDilemma over Values Verses Needs Among Youth: An Uncertain Future10-16 DOWNLOAD
03.Kamaljeet SinghPolicy Transition from a Common School System to a Stratified School System: The Changing Socio-Economic Profile of the Government School Students17-24 DOWNLOAD
04.Rakshinder KaurHigher Education in Punjab: Growth of Institutions and Enrollment Trends

05.S K Mishra and P K Mishra
Gender Parity in Education and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Select Asian Countries 35-46 DOWNLOAD
06.Harihar Sarangi, Ph.D.
and Prasanta Kumar Barik, Ph.D.
Impact of College Autonomy on Quality in Higher Education: Parents’ Perception Relating to their Satisfaction47-55 DOWNLOAD
07Pradipta Kumar Mishra, Ph.D.Achievability of Objectives by History Teachers at the Secondary Level: Teaching Experience56-63 DOWNLOAD