Abstract-1 (October 2021) Rajendra Prasad

Pedagogy of Learning, Vol. 7 (4) October 2021, pp. 01-14

Internet as Support to Aspiration and Academics- An Empirical Research

Rajendra Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, (CIE) University of Delhi-11007, India. E-mail: jareduggu@gmail.com

Minakshi Datta (Paul), Assistant professor, Department of Education, Government Degree College, Santirbazar, South Tripura- 799144 , India. E-mail: minakshiadatta111@gmail.com

DOI: 10.46704/pol.2021.v07i04.001


           This research was carried out to determine the role of internet to aspiration and academics. The researcher has applied a descriptive research method to investigate the problem.  This study consisted of 600 undergraduate students from Government General Degree Colleges of Tripura state as a sample which included 300 students with using the internet and 300 students without using the internet. The simple random sampling technique was adopted to select the sample. A standardized tool developed by “Mahesh Bhargava and M.A. Sha” was used. For the analysis of data, percentages, mean, and SD were used as descriptive statistics. Further, “t’-test and ANOVA” were used as inferential statistics. The findings revealed that students who use the internet have high aspiration in comparison to student who does not use the internet. Both male students with using the internet and without using the internet were found statistically the same in their aspiration. But, female students with using the internet had high aspirations as compared to female students without using the internet.

Keywords: Internet, Support to Aspiration, Academics, Empirical Research, Undergraduate Students.