Keeping in mind the substantial changes in the field of education around the world it was thought to publish an International Journal in the subject Education where the researchers, academicians, teacher-educators, teacher-trainees and professionals from diverse specializations in Education may avail the opportunity to share their research findings, recommendations and creative ideas in Education for global dissemination. The present world no more emphasizes the teaching or teacher centred approach rather focus have been shifted towards learning. For effective learning the teacher is expected to play the role of a facilitator and has to expedite whole process of learning. The major concern behind the emergence of the journal is to evolve new method and practice of teaching especially in the field of education with reference to the changing context of the teaching and learning theories. In consultation with many experts in the subject, the title of the journal emerged as Pedagogy of Learning.

The term pedagogy is not confined to science and art of teaching rather it is the science and art of teaching for learning; the lens in which we plan, carry out and reflect on our teaching; the philosophical framework for our teaching; a deliberate attempt of improving learning process by considering the nature of learner, contents, methods, media, and other aspects of the environment; and it is created from theories of learning. As there is a paradigm shift from teaching to learning, the concept of pedagogy is also stretched to learning. The methods, media, skills etc, adopted for enhancement of learning occupies a central point in the concept of pedagogy. Hence, Pedagogy of Learning (POL) brings out innovative research ideas & practices for excelling learning.