Ethical Standards for Editors


  1. Decision regarding Publication of Articles

            The articles received for publication in POL are subject to preliminary scrutiny by core editors or editorial board with emphasis on the suitability for its publication with reference to the objectives of the journal. If the article successfully passes through the preliminary scrutiny then it will be sent for blind-review/peer-review by two reviewers. The articles may be considered for final edition on the basis of reviewers’ reports. The reviewers may recommend for publication on the basis of its relevance or may suggest for modification or may reject. Accordingly, the author(s) will be intimated about the status of publication or modification or rejection. The entire process may take two months depending upon busy schedule of the reviewers. The authors are assured for quality publication.

            On recommendation of the reviewers for accepted articles, the Chief Editor of Pedagogy of Learning (POL) will decide which article should be published. The guidelines and policies of the journal will be refereed to for publication of any accepted article. All the articles must be checked through plagiarism testing process. The Editors do not have the authority to influence the reviewers assigned for peer-review of a particular article or articles.

  1. Maintaining Fairness

            All the articles submitted for publication in POL, shall be evaluated on the basis of their intellectual merit without any bias on authors’ race, gender, religious beliefs, citizenship etc.

  1. Maintaining Confidentiality

            The Core Editors must not disclose any information about a manuscript submitted for publication in POL to anyone other than the authors / corresponding author, reviewers, editorial advisers, and the publisher.

  1. Disclosure, conflicts of interest and reservation of rights

            Unpublished articles disclosed during review or other means must not be used by anyone in his or her own research without written consent of the author(s) and the publisher. However, the copy rights are reserved with the authors and the journal.